"You will break."

"I will die first. Or you will."

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Sure we can go on a date but first I’m gonna need to know your opinion of Coliver

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                    this is  m u r d e r.

none of us know what we’re talking about.

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make me choose: hannibal or how to get away with murder [asked by rhllors]

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What is it like working on How To Get Away With Murder? We are like rabid animals when we get these scripts. Recently we just got 1.04 and when it lands in our email boxes and, you know, we’re just trying to devour that episode on any device that is available to us, and it’s the fastest that I’ve ever read sixty pages ever.

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Title: Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction
Artist: IAMX
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Your taunted charm and your broken smile
Touched me unexpectedly

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War, terrible war. Widows, orphans, a motherless child. This was the uprising that rocked our land. Thirteen districts rebelled against the country that fed them, loved them, protected them. Brother turned on brother until nothing remained. And then came the peace, hard fought, sorely won. 

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  • *watches a movie*
  • *sees a dog*
  • me:if something happens to that dog I sWEAR TO GOD
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